Type It Once, Record It Once, Organize, and Delegate.

Create It

Type up, upload existing PDF's/videos, and record every how-to, process, and proceedure.

Use our built in recording tools to create video clips of you doing everything on your PC from onboarding a new user to your CRM to logging into your payroll provider and submitting hours. Use your phone to record non screen recordable actions such as changing your offices' push button door lock.

Organize It

Organize your topics, uploads, and videos into subjects assigning a dedicated URL to your entire manual or to individual sections.

Enable Self-Training

When a new team member comes on board, give them your assigned URL, or create them their own login.

Creating Your Training Manual

1) Type up and/or import subjects and topics

Use DeleTrain's advanced editor to design your manual's content. Embed existing PDF's, videos, images, and links.

2) Record Your PC Screen

Create hundreds of clips doing everything you repeat and can delegate: Be it creating, updating, deleting, or researching. DeleTrain has a built in screen recorder with the ability to upload pre-existing videos or utilize your cell phone to record real-world scenarios. No special hardware required and there's no time limit on recordings.

3) Record Real Life Scenarios Using Any Cellphone

Be it changing door codes, resetting breaker fuses, diagnosing hardware problems--record it all.

4) Organize into subjects and topics

Organizing your videos into subjects and topics with access level restrictions to ensure the right personnel have access to the right training material

5) Give your dedicated URL to new hires or create them logins

You can assign a dedicated website to your entire manual, password protected, or by individually adding users. Regardless, your staff will be able to access your manual from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Update Anytime

Your manual lives on our servers, cloud based, safe & securely, accessible from any web browser. Add to it or update anytime, from anywhere.

Cloud Your Training Manual And Never Repeat Yourself Again.

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