Frequently Asked Questions


Is the monthly $49 price per user and are there any other charges?

No, our pricing is per company and covers unlimited users & usage period.

Who is Deletrain for?

Deletrain is for any business who is looking to automate their onboarding process.

Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts or obligations, you may cancel at anytime.

Will the price ever increase after signing up?

The price you signup at is locked in, it will never increase.

Your Training Manual

Is there a limit to the number of training topics I can create?


Can I create training topics without recording an on-screen video?

Absolutely! You may write as much text as needed into a topic's description box. Our video screen capture option are optional attachments to any topic.

Can I attach/embed existing files/media to a topic?

Yes! You can drag and drop files into a subject or link to an existing hosted document.

Is there a limit to the type of files I can embed in my manual?

No, DeleTrain supports embedding any digital file.

Is there a size limit to the files I can embed in my manual?

No, DeleTrain does not impose a file size limit for uploaded files

Do I need special software or hardware to record on-screen video to use within our manuals?

No, our entire training platform for creating and reading is online. You do not require anything other then a web browser

How long does it take to create a manual?

You can create topics and subjects in no time, especially using our built-in screen recorder. Additionally, it's simple to copy & paste existing content and upload files/documents. Also, you can modify your training manual's content at anytime so don't worry about getting it perfect the first time.

What happens with my manual and videos if I cancel?

You will have 90-days from cancellation to download your videos and manuals from our servers. After that, they're deleted.

Paperless Onboarding

What Countries / Jurisdictions Are Supported?

Our On-Boarding Feature Currently Supports Employees & Independent Contractors in the United States (Forms: US W-9, i-9, W-4, and State Withholding Forms) with More Support Coming Soon. For Areas (Forms) Not Yet Implemented, You Can Add A Custom PDF And/Or Have Our Staff Install Your Local Jurisdictions' Paperwork--Enabling A Completely Paperless Onboarding Experience.

Where Can I Access The Signed Forms / Uploaded Identification?

All User HR Docs Are Stored Safe & Securely In The Cloud, Accessible In Your DeleTrain Admin Area For Access & Retrieval At Anytime

Am I Required To Use This Feature?

No, It Is Completely Optional.


Can I give access to other staff members and let them create content/manage users for me?

Absolutely! You can assign admin permissions to multiple users

Is Deletrain secure?

Absolutely! Deletrain employs government grade security to protect your content. Your connection to our servers is always secure and encrypted via SSL and all media including video is stored encrypted on Amazon Web Services, the world-leader and standard for secure data centers.

Does Deletrain share my data with anyone else

Absolutely not! We do not share your personal/company information with any 3rd parties without your permission unless required to do so by court order.

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