Enable New Hires To Train Themself Using Any Computer Or Mobile Device

DeleTrain brings your entire company & training manual to the web with built-in support for creating screen recordings, testing user knowledge, tracking their completion, and much much more!

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Create your entire company manual online to streamline employee training and onboarding processes

Video record your screen and mic and create how-to's without writing a word. Let your voice and actions do all the talking.

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Our system streamlines your productivity to a error free policy environment.

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Type It, Record It, Organize It, And Never Repeat Yourself Again = Once and Done for Businesses

Organize every company how-to, process, and procedure into one place

  • Exchange age old manuals for today‚Äôs modern workforce.
  • Keep an always up-to-date version that can easily be edited and reorganized with drag & drop. Also, real-time email notifications are dispatched to responsible users upon any changes so your staff are always up-to-date.
  • Clearly categorize subjects by creating separate lists for policies, how-to's, benefits, forms, etc

Enable Users To Train Themself--Without The Cost

  • Limit access to training subjects/topics by creating logins and delegating access accordingly
  • Every how-to, process, procedure, and policy organized all one place
  • Built in screen recorder tool lets you record your screen narrating with your voice documenting every procedure, process, and how-to with actual on-screen visible instructions.
  • Remote training: Web-based system allows team members to optionally train from home, on any device.

Test Your Users Knowledge

DeleTrain's built in testing feature ensures your staff and other users know how to do what they're hired for
  • Create and attach tests directly to a section or send them directly to outside users (e.x.: perspective employee qualification test)
  • All data including time and chosen answers are stored within DeleTrain for easy reference at anytime
  • Managers receive email notification with results upon test completions

Automatic Update Notifications With "Who-Read-What" Logs

Email notifications lets your team know as soon as an addition or modification is made to a subject or topic, which is applicable to them.

DeleTrain also tracks reads on specific topics, by user and timestamp.

Make Users Accountable With Built In View-Tracking

DeleTrain keeps track on your users time spent on your training manual, broken down by topic.

Embed Existing PDF's, Videos, and More

There's no limit to what you can embed into your manual such as pre-made videos and PDF's which is simple to upload using our desktop and mobile file uploader. No hosting required.

Customizable To Fit Your Company

Your logo, manual name, and logo is easily updatable through our online system

Pre-Built Ready-Made Company Manuals

Don't Already Have a Company Manual? Simply Edit Our Template And Add Training Content Specific To Each Employee's Role.

Train Once And Be Done With It. Never Repeat Yourself Again.

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